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Ordering Guide

1. Before You Order

The photos across our website are there to give you an idea of how wood slice photo gifts can look but we do not guarantee that your wood slice photo gift will look exactly like this, as it will very much depend on the wood slice and the photo used. Please use these only as a guide.

Before you order a wood slice photo gift, please be aware of a few things that can naturally occur and are not defects.

  • Cracks/splits may occur on the wood, the crack can be any size and can appear anywhere, at any time. 
  • On very rare occasions, we may use a piece that already has a small crack in, we will always ensure this does not affect the overall look of the plaque
  • All products may have full, partial or no bark unless otherwise stated on the individual listing
  • Bark may become loose during shipping (you may be able to glue this back in place)
  • Wood slices may have naturally occurring marks, stains or defects
  • A small part of the photo may be darker around the edges due to the bark
  • Wood slices may be round, oval or irregular shapes. We will choose the piece of wood that best fits your photo.

2. Choosing which photo to use

We recommend choosing the highest quality photo you have as this will come out best. However we have used all different types of photos from very old photos from the 90's to scans to photos of photos. They will look very similar to the original once on the wood but won't be as clear.

Which photos don't work well?

  • Collages
  • Sepia
  • Very pale/faded photos
  • Photos using flash
  • Photos that have a strong colour tone (purple, orange, red) - however we can tone this down so please let us know if you'd like us to do this
  • Photos of photos when the flash has caused glare on the photo (always take photos of photos in natural daylight with no flash)
  • Long, narrow photos or very wide photos don't usually work very well as we rarely have wood slices that shape.

We recommend photos that are as square as possible, ideally with the people away from the edges as all edges can potentially be cropped.

Please send us original, uncropped versions of your photos.

Customers are fully responsible for their photo choice and we will not question the quality unless we think the photo won't come out at all. Please be mindful of this when selecting your photo.

Photos transferred to wood will NOT look exactly the same as a digital photographs. The colour may change slightly and you will see the wood grain coming through.

3. Placing your order

Before ordering, please check the current processing time which you can find on the Delivery & Returns page. Processing time is the time it takes for us to make your order and is in addition to delivery time.
You can upload your photo directly on the product page and add on any extras including gift wrap.

When you order, please add any notes including if you'd like us to zoom in, centre the people, position in a certain way, change to black and white, etc. Any information you provide will help us to produce a product you're 100% happy with. 
If no instructions are left, we will do what we think looks best and refunds/replacements will not be offered should you be unhappy with the placement. 

4. The making process

Once we've received your order and photo, we'll get started on your order in line with the current processing time.

If we have any concerns about your photo, we'll send you a message to let you know and send over a preview so you can check placement and cropping. We do not send previews as standard at the moment due to time limitations, if you would like a preview, please add this in the notes section.

If we've sent a preview, we won't progress your order until you've approved it or sent over a new photo for us to try.
We never change the colour of your photo unless asked to change to black and white. We may brighten photos slightly if they're too dark.

Please bear in mind that photos will look different when printed on wood and will also look different from how they look on a computer/phone screen. Colours can look more vibrant, especially orange colours.


5. Shipping

All UK orders are sent 1st class. We do have the option to upgrade to a guaranteed delivery date, if this option is selected your order will arrive within one working day (this does not reduce the processing time, it just speeds up delivery.)

Once shipped, please allow for delays and other factors beyond our control, such as the current pandemic causing delays across all postal services.

We ask for your patience during times like this.

Tracking information is available for international orders on request.

6. Caring for your product

You may find when you unwrap your wood slice product that bark may have become loose during shipping, simply remove the pieces or glue back in place if possible. As some bark is more delicate than others, it's impossible for us to fully prevent this from happening.

Although all our products are varnished with a high quality acrylic sealer, we have found that the photo can deteriorate if the photo is placed in a sunny area or next to a heat source such as radiator, fireplace etc. Heat may also cause the plaque to develop a crack.

It's best not to display in a humid room as this can again cause the photo to deteriorate.

All our products are splash proof but please avoid submerging in water, dust lightly to clean.

7. Raising any concerns or issues

We want our customers to be happy with their orders but occasionally issues may arise. Please, please contact us before leaving us a negative review, we strongly believe, given the opportunity we can resolve most issues. Email hayley@happilyrustic.co.uk with your order number and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Please be aware that we do not offer refunds or replacements for things raised in point "1 - before you order", this includes partial/no bark, cracking/splits, bark, marks and stains as we have advised about these prior to you ordering and they are not defects.

8. Reviews and sharing your product

We would be so grateful for a review, this helps potential customers see that we offer great service and lovely, unique products.

As mentioned above, we'd really appreciate you giving us the opportunity to correct any issues before leaving us a negative review.

We'd love to see photos of your products, either on the review or on our social media.

Facebook - www.facebook.com/happilyrusticuk
Instagram - www.instagram.com/happilyrusticuk

If you are kind enough to share your photos publicly, we may reuse them across our selling platforms and social media.