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Frequently Asked Questions

Wood Slices - Bark & Cracking

Due to these being a completely natural product, that are not treated in anyway, cracking can, and does occur (before or after the photo is added). Also be aware that not all plaques will have full bark, some may have partial bark and some may have none. Some bark may become loose during shipping, I would recommend gently pulling these pieces away from the wood slice as to not damage the photo or you can glue them back in place if you prefer. 

Please be mindful of these issues when ordering, as I cannot replace or refund for cracks or missing bark. 

If you are at all concerned about the above, I strongly advise you to order one of our wooden photo plaques made using rough sawn timber. 

Order your wooden photo plaque here

Which Photo To Use?

I do not enhance or change the colour/tone of any photo unless specifically asked when the order is placed and in these cases I will let you know if it’s not possible, I can only make minor adjustments such as changing to black and white. 
When photos are transferred to the wood, the colour of the image will naturally fade slightly and the wood grain coming through will also slightly change the colour of the photo. There may be marks or defects from the wood showing through.
Please note - the photos used in my sample photos are high quality photos and are used to give you an idea of how photos can look on the plaques, I am not suggesting your plaque will look the same as it very much depends on the photo quality.

Wood Slice Photo Tips

I recommend using photos that have empty space around the main focus of the photo (e.g. face, dogs, cars etc) This enables me to crop the photo to fit the oval/circular shaped slices without losing anything important. Please let me know if you'd prefer me not to crop a certain part of the photo out, boats in the background etc. 

Other Photo Tips
High quality photos with good lighting will come out the best. 
Photos with flash or sepia tones may not work as well as other photos due to the colours being too similar to the wood. 
If no message regarding the quality of your photo is mentioned at checkout, I will assume you are happy with it and will proceed to make your order. 
I will only contact you if the photo doesn’t fit, if cropping is too severe or if the photo is too small therefore becomes very blurry when resizing.

Care Instructions

Please keep out of direct sunlight and away from any heat sources, such as a radiator. Do not display in a very humid room. Exposure to sunlight/heat might result in the wood slice developing cracks and/or the photo fading/peeling. 
Please do not submerge in water but dust lightly to clean.